List of stores with Belleza clothing: Updated

Pose365 {NanTra} Rosie's Secret 4 Mirror

As a Belleza mesh body user (Freya) it can be frustrating when I see a dress or a top that doesn’t have a size that fits me. I know I can suck it up and use the other brand names, but until I can make a shape that works with them my personal choice is to stick with the mesh body that I love.

There are a number of designers that create for Belleza, it is just a matter of finding them and supporting them afterwards in their efforts. Here I’ve compiled a list of stores that I have found either supports Belleza’s bodies fully, or partially. Partial support means that they don’t always include Belleza sizes in their clothing but sometimes do when time, interest, or whatever circumstances permits it.

I do hope that more stores decide to support Belleza’s mesh bodies and that eventually the people behind the brand itself will create their own fashion line that’s equal in quality or even better yet, surpasses that of competitors who only create exclusively for the other brands.


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